Tips for Creating an Infographic

J452 infographic Revision 1

Click on the image for a larger view of the infographic

For my strategic communication class, I created an infographic about orphaned children around the world. The infographic is intended to support the CSR program, Swaddled in Love, that I proposed for a class assignment. This program, created for aden+anais, encourages people to donate a Muslim swaddle blanket to an orphaned child or give a financial donation.

After creating this infographic, I have learned some helpful tips to share for creating infographics.

Do Your Research

Make sure to do in-depth research on your topic before you begin designing your infographic. By already having the material you plan to use, you are giving yourself more time to focus on being creative.

Keep it Simple

Be sure not to bombard your reader with too much information. Limiting the amount of text and information on your infographic allows your reader to more easily understand what you are trying to convey

Be Consistent

Using the same font type, size, and color consistently throughout the infographic will make it more visually pleasing. Font types, sizes, and colors don’t all have to remain the same; however, they should be consistent. Be sure to limit your infographic to a maximum of two font types, two sizes, and only a few colors.

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